About Us

My name is Patricia Neubauer and I am originally from Potsdam, Germany. Coached by Olympic Medal winner Ulrike Bruns , I specialized in middle distance running , especially the 800m.

I was recruited by an American University for Track & Field /XC in 2008. I graduated from New York in 2011 and started working in New York City right after that. In 2016, I moved to Santa Barbara, California and am a triathlete competing in everything  from the sprint distance to the full Ironman.

The reason I started Neu-Power Athletic Consulting is to help unprivileged but talented international athletes to receive an athletic scholarship in the USA. 

Coming from a middle class family, I was unable to afford an expensive agency myself . Therefore I decided to do it all by myself - and succeeded. Now it is the time for me to give back to the go getters , the hustlers , the disciplined and deserving. Without a price tag and the motto : “Education through athletic skills , not dollar bills.”

Below is the link to the my interview on the local Santa Barbara TV channel: