Craig A. Wrisberg, Ph.D.

Craig A. Wrisberg, Ph.D.

Craig A. Wrisberg, Ph.D.

We are proud to have Dr. Craig Wrisberg as a supporter of ‘Neu-Power Athletic Consulting’. Patricia worked under the supervision of Dr. Wrisberg during her Sports Psychology internship at the University of Tennessee. Thank you for supporting the vision of NPAC, Craig!

Dr. Craig A. Wrisberg is a Professor Emeritus of Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Past President of both the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). He is also a Fellow of both AASP and the National Academy of Kinesiology. Dr. Wrisberg has published over 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters, co-authored the best selling textbook Motor Learning and Performance(Human Kinetics), and presented numerous papers at national and international meetings.

Beginning in 1981, Dr. Wrisberg provided mental training services for athletes and coaches in the Department of Athletics at the University of Tennessee. Among the athletes he personally assisted were 42 NCAA champions and 23 individuals who participated or are currently participating in professional sports. He continues to provide performance consulting for athletes at all levels.

Some of his recent publications include but are not limited to:

Long-term mental training with an elite, collegiate football player. Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology

National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I certified athletic trainers' perceptions of the benefits of sport psychology services. Journal of Athletic Training

Sport psychology services in performance settings: NCAA D-I certified athletic trainers' perceptions. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

A qualitative study of soldiers' experiences of hand-to-hand combat. International Journal of Stress Management